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The number of CIM based integrations in the electric utility industry is growing fast, making CIM a de-facto standard for new integrations. Being able easily to provide your source data in a CIM format is an enabler for making your data an even more important asset when it comes to supporting business processes and systems with spatial data.

The Similix CIM Adaptor is a flexible tool that facilitates the alignment of data and business processes across business units and systems. Data can be exchanged without modifying the underlying data models in the source systems, and the service-based architecture makes it easy to integrate the Similix CIM Adaptor into any production system.

With the Similix CIM Adaptor, you are getting a powerful tool that enables you to export your Esri ArcGIS data in CIM format, such that you can make your GIS data available for other systems or operators following well-defined standards.



  • Transparent master data management strategy, delegating the responsibility of data ownership for each data component.
  • Facilitating the orchestration of business processes across multiple systems and business units.
  • Integrating your GIS platform with all major operating systems such as SCADA, EMS, or ADMS
  • Decoupling of systems making the system landscape more flexible
  • Profit from all the knowledge and experience created in the international community


Live demo of the CIM Adaptor and how you can get started

Uploaded: August 31th, 2018

Brief description of capabilities and benefits

Uploaded: October 25th, 2018

The Similix CIM Adaptor for ArcGIS is a great business case

Uploaded: November 22nd, 2018


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