Is your data ready for the Utility Network?

Esri ArcGIS Utility Network is a state of the art GIS solution for the utility industry, that will dramatically change the way utilities support business processes with geographic information. The possible benefits of migrating to the Utility Network highly depends on the quality and the maturity of your data. Thus, getting an overview of the current state of your data is an important task in evaluating the potential of migrating to the Utility Network and assessing the required effort for migrating the data.

Similix offers a data readiness review, where actual test migrations of your data are carried out using the Similix UN Migration Suite. The data readiness review will address the actual data modelling based on your current data model and how this may support the capabilities of the Utility Network. The test migrations will also reveal the status of your data with respect to network connectivity, network traversability and network directional flow.

With the Similix readiness data readiness review, you are getting a clear understanding of the quality and maturity of your current data and what it will take to bring it to a level that makes it applicable for the Utility Network. You are also getting an actual test migration where a smaller subset of your data is migrated to the Utility Network, making it more tangible for you and for other decision makers how your data will look and feel in the Utility Network.


  • Initial data modelling
  • Outlining migration flow and data processing steps
  • Assessment of data quality and data maturity with respect to:
    • Network connectivity: Coverage and geometry
    • Network traversability: Connectivity rules and device status information
    • Network directional flow: Sub-network tiers and sub-network controllers
data review
data review


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