Real-life solutions to real-life problems

Making changes that will provide a true impact and generate lasting results often requires something extra. It requires extra manpower, extra capabilities, extra experience.  The Similix team of Software Engineers, Software Architects, and Consultants are dedicated professionals, that will bring that extra power to your organization. We will work together with you, from concept to completion. We will deliver not only ideas and insights but also the hard work that is required to realizing the vision and make things happen.  With our vast experience and knowledge within the utility industry, we are focusing on delivering real-life solutions to real-life problems.


Similix services – Areas of expertise:

  • Utility industries: Power, gas, water
  • Technologies: Esri, OSISoft, Microsoft
  • GIS and real-time solutions
  • Solution architecture and system integrations
  • Business processes and data modelling
  • Software development

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Is your data ready for the Utility Network?

Similix offers a data readiness review, where actual test migrations of your data are carried out using the Similix UN Migration Suite.

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Making the migration to the Utility Network a success

Similix has vast experience in helping utilities migrating to the Utility Network and provides professional services for all aspects of a migration project.

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