Why become a partner with Similix

At Similix, we dedicate ourselves to working with some of the world’s leading companies.

Changing the way the world interacts is an ambitious vision. Therefore, Similix builds on the idea of an open network, and we see partnerships as an important element in reaching our vision.

We collaborate with partners who have the same vision as we do. Common to them is that everyone contributes to making the world a better place, and each partnership provides value for to that mission.

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Our partners

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Since 1969, Esri has been giving customers around the world the power to think and plan geographically. The market leader in GIS, Esri software is used in more than 350,000 organizations worldwide including each of the 200 largest cities in the United States, most national governments, more than two-thirds of Fortune 500 companies, and more than 7,000 colleges and universities. Esri applications, running on more than one million desktops and thousands of Web and enterprise servers, provide the backbone for the world’s mapping and spatial analysis. Esri is the only vendor that provides complete technical solutions for desktop, mobile, server, and Internet platforms.

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Established in 1981, Infosys is an NYSE listed global consulting and IT services company with more than 200,000 employees. From a capital of US$ 250, we have grown to become a US$ 10.7 billion (LTM Q3 FY 18 revenues) company with a market capitalization of approximately US$ 35.4 billion.

In our journey of over 35 years, we have catalyzed some of the major changes that have led to India’s emergence as the global destination for software services talent. We pioneered the Global Delivery Model and became the first IT Company from India to be listed on NASDAQ. Our employee stock options program created some of India’s first salaried millionaires.

Read the press release about Similix and Infosys Partnership

partner with similix


OSIsoft is a company whose purpose has remained constant since 1980: to empower their customers’ business transformation by delivering greater value into the enterprise.

At OSIsoft, supporting customers’ journey to operational excellence is at the core of what they do. It’s why OSIsoft constantly evolve the PI System™ open infrastructure for the people, industries and organizations they serve. It’s why OSIsoft support every customer’s systems and team with our experienced engineers.

OSIsoft delivers an open enterprise infrastructure, the PI System™, to connect sensor-based data, systems and people. The result: real-time, actionable insights that empower companies to optimize and transform their business.


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